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The following policies and procedures have been instituted by the Greater Birmingham Youth Lacrosse

Association (GBYLA) in an effort to promote good sportsmanship for our teams & fans on game day.


Pre-Game Procedure:

  • Home team ALWAYS wears WHITE.  Opposing team must have contrasting color jerseys.
  • Duplicate jersey numbers on the same team are not allowed and may result in offending team sustaining a penalty.
  • Ensure Home Field Set Up Instructions are properly followed by the Home team.
    • Walk field to ensure playing surface is free of debris & safe for play.
    • Place end line balls on either end of playing field approximately 2-3 yards beyond the end line.
    • Set up Timer’s table w/necessary equipment ie horn, score flip board.
    • Place cones as diagramed
  • Coach introduction to one another with handshake.
  • Identify Team Captains and review roles with players (if applicable).


Officials Engagement Policy:

  • Coach introduction to Officials with handshake.
  • Rule clarification & review, if needed, by either Home or Away Coach or both.
  • Communications to Officials during the game are made by HEAD COACH only.
  • Post-game handshake.


Game Sportsmanship Message (to be read prior to game start):

  • We expect that all spectators, coaches, officials, & players will ‘Honor the Game’ by supporting all participants with positive thoughts, actions & words.  As you support your team today, show respect and courtesy for all spectators, players, coaches & officials before, during & after the game regardless of the outcome.


Sideline Conduct Policy:

  • Game and Table Volunteers
    • Table workers or those assisting at the table shall refrain from outburst or engaging with the opposing team.  Engaging with the opposing team should be done only in a manner that encourages the ideals of Honor the Game.
    • Table interaction with the opposing team Head Coach should be engaged only if a direct question is asked of the timer or scorer.
    • Interaction to Officials should be limited to questions related to the individual’s role and should only be done prior to the start of the game or during halftime.
  • All fans MUST sit or stand on the opposite side of the field from the players.
  • Photographers must refrain from engaging players during play or loitering at the end line or goal.


Playing Time Policy:

  • Youth
    • U9, U11, G13:            Two (2) quarters equivalent (to the extent possible, depending upon # of players on the team).
    • U13, G45:                              One (1) quarter equivalent.
    • G68, Middle School:            No minimum required.
    • JV and HS:                            No minimum required.


The GBYLA places a high priority on superior sportsmanship being exhibited by its players, coaches & fans. Our Sportsmanship policy will be promoted & enforced at all GBYLA competitions & sponsored events.