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These guidelines are applicable to divisions 8U, 10U, 12U in those community programs with registrations numbers large enough to draft into two or more teams within a single division.   

Below are the draft guidelines for communities that have more than one (1) team per age group;

  1. All players will be evaluated prior to the draft.
  2. Players will be ranked in accordance with the player evaluation results.
  3. After rankings, players’ names will be placed in a hat/container that will lead to a blind draft.
  4. Head Coaches kids will be placed on teams at point in the draft they are ranked.
  5. Assistant Coaches are NOT named/identified prior to the draft.
  6. All Community Programs must strive for as close to parity as possible.
  7. Grade based teams are not acceptable draft parameters.

It is GBYLA policy for communities that parental or child preference for coaches, friends on team, car pool and parental convenience be specifically excluded from consideration.  It is, however, recommended that consideration be given to two or more players from the same household wishing to play on the same team.