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Spring Season:

Who plays in the Spring Season?  Registration is open for all YOUTH & HIGH SCHOOL boys & girls.  The Spring Season is community based including, but not limited to; Birmingham, Chelsea, Homewood, Hoover, Mountain Brook, Oak Mountain, Trussville & Vestavia as well as outlying communities such as Clay/Chalkville, Pelham, Gardendale, Leeds & Irondale, to name a few.  If you want to play lacrosse this spring, you register through the GBYLA and we will assign you to a team!

How much does it cost?  Registration fees vary depending on your community.  These fees are available through the registration module.  Program fees are dependent on the needs and operating spring season expenses.  You can expect a range of $150 - $450 depending on division and community.

What division should I register my child for?    Our age cutoff date for boys U9 thru U13 is born on or after September 1st.  Middle School boys are by grades 7 & 8.  Girls are by grade; 1-12.  An age cutoff chart is available on the Spring Season 2017 page. 

What team will my child play on?  Your child will play for his/her school or community team, if one exists.  If a team does not exist at your school or in your community, your child will be placed according to proximity of your residence address to the nearest home field location for youth teams and at the high school level, the geographic address of the nearest high school.  All mileage calculations are determined via Google Maps.  Procedure regarding the placement of 'orphan' players can be found in our POLICY manual found on our website under 'RESOURCE DOCUMENTS.'

Do Divisions ever get full?  YES!!  If your division is full upon registering, your child will be placed on a waiting list.  Avoid the wait list and register early!

When are practices?  You can expect two to four practices per week lasting approximately 60-90 minutes depending on your team, age & coach.  Locations & times are determined by your community based on field availability & personal coach schedules.  Practice begins early January.  Practice schedules are released as soon as available by your community lacrosse program.

When & where are games?   High School games begin approximately the 1st week in February.  Youth games begin approximately the 4th week in February.  A game schedule will be released to you by your coach once available.  Youth plays a 10 game season and high school JV/Varsity plays a 12 game season.  Games are played during the week & on the weekend and are scheduled based on personal coach schedules & field availability.  You will have both HOME & AWAY games.  Away games consisting of neighboring Birmingham Communities, Auburn, Montgomery &/or Huntsville. 

My son/daughter is new to lacrosse, can they play in the Spring Season with no experience?  YES!!  Lacrosse is a growing sport and all our GBYLA coaches know that everyone has to start sometime!

Do I need to buy equipment and how much does it cost?  Yes, you will need to have your own equipment.  ALL players are required to have cleats (no baseball cleats) & a mouth guard as well as an athletic cup (boys only).  Purchasing equipment can run from $135 to $185 for boys & $25 - $60 for girls.  Below is a chart listing the equipment necessary to play in the Spring Season.

 Lacrosse Helmet  Women's Lacrosse Goggles
 Lacrosse Shoulder and Arm Pads
 Women's Lacrosse Stick
 Lacrosse Gloves
Men's Lacrosse Stick

Fall Lacrosse:

What are the age cutoffs?   Our age cutoff date for boys is born on or after September 1st.  Girls are by grade; 1-12.  Division age cutoffs can be found on the Fall Lacrosse or Spring Season Program tabs.

How much does it cost?  Typically between $100& $140 for all six (6) sessions.

When are practices?  No practice, just show up at your scheduled division time on Sunday ready to play.

When are games?  Games are played on Sunday afternoons starting mid September to the last weekend in October for a total of six (6) sessions.  All game times start after 12pm.

Where are the games played?  Typically, Rathmell Sports Park & Sicard Hollow Athletic Complex.  Where divisions play varies from year to year depending on player & team numbers.

Will my son or daughter be playing with friends from their school?  Fall Lacrosse is non community specific.

How is my son or daughter placed on a team?  Format may be team based or clinic based.  In either case, your son or daughter will be placed in a group and/or on a team each Sunday for play.

My son/daughter is new to lacrosse, is this a good time to start?  YES!  Fall is the perfect time to try out the sport to see if you like it. 

How long is a game/session?  90 minutes.

What is the game/session schedule?  The game & division schedules are determined once registration closes and we know how many players & teams we have.  This occurs approximately one week prior to the start of play.

Do I need to buy equipment & how much does it cost?  We will have a limited amount of loaner equipment available on a first come/first serve basis at the field for both boys & girls.  ALL players are required to have cleats (no baseball cleats) & a mouth guard as well as an athletic cup (boys only).  Purchasing equipment can run from $135 to $185 for boys & $25 - $60 for girls. 

What should my son/daughter wear for fall lacrosse?  Athletic shorts & t-shirt are fine.  Your player will receive a reversible pinney to bring each Sunday.