Community Program Management


Points of contact

Auburn Boys Youth - Gina Smith

Auburn Boys Varsity - Paul Holley

Auburn Girls Youth & Varsity - Maria Black

Buck Creek - Ryan Staniscavage

Thompson Boys & Girls Varsity - Jayson Shaw

Briarwood Youth & Boys Varsity - Chris Helms

Homewood Youth & Boys Varsity- Michael Wagner

Hoover/Spain Park Youth - Candler Boyd

Hoover BUCS Varsity (Boys) - Romin Hirschy

Hoover BUCS Varsity (Girls) - Justin Zellmer

Huntsville Youth - Ben Calvert

Huntsville Boys Varsity - April Dykes

Madison Youth - Matt Osborne

James Clemens Girls Varsity - Charlie Hurst

James Clemens Boys Varsity - Jason Kerr

Bob Jones Boys Varsity - Paul Burke

Mountain Brook Youth - Gordon Blair

Mountain Brook Boys Varsity - Brant McDuffie

Oak Mountain (Boys) - Jeff Brancato

Oak Mountain (Girls) - Michele Adamson

Spain Park JAGS Varsity (Boys) - Robert McCreary

Spain Park JAGS Varsity (Girls) - Lisa Milano

Trussville - Kristi Miller

Vestavia Youth, Boys & Girls Varsity - Jud Bringman

Team Draft policy

GBYLA teams for boys & girls 8U through 14U will play a recreational format meaning teams will be drafted in a way to have parity amongst the teams. The League will not have a championship format for these age groups. These age groups will participate in a year-end Jamboree style round robin event.

The GBYLA Mission Statement is to grow participation in our area and expose youth to the game of lacrosse. Community Points of Contact (POC’s) along with Head Coaches are responsible for conducting team drafts for their respective community teams keeping in line with the policies and procedures set forth in this document.

Requirement for Team Selection – If your community program meets the criteria to have more than one (1) team within a single age division, player evaluations shall occur in a skills-based clinic prior to team selection. Player’s age, size, years of experience and lacrosse skills should be recorded utilizing a simple scale. A DRAFT FORM will be provided for use in recording player rankings. Once the data is recorded and teams are ready to be created, the POC and Head Coaches should conduct a SNAKE DRAFT to fill out the rosters for each team with parity as the primary focus. No consideration should be given for assistant coaches, carpooling, friends, etc. Consideration may be given for siblings to play on the same team.

After teams have been selected, the Head Coaches will pull out of a hat to determine which team they will be coaching. If the Head Coach is the parent of a player and their child does not correspond with the team they pulled, their child will be swapped spot for spot with a corresponding player from the Head Coach’s team. A representative of the GBYLA will be available to assist in the SNAKE DRAFT if further clarification is necessary. Once the teams are documented on the provided DRAFT FORM, the form will be submitted to GBYLA Operations Director for review and approval by the GBYLA Board of Director Officers. Teams found not in compliance with this procedure ensuring team parity will be required to re-draft according to the guidelines set above as to such time the drafts are approved by the GBYLA Board of Director Officers.