Rules & Safety

Rules of the game

Rules of the Game

The GBYLA follows National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) rules, for BOTH YOUTH and HIGH SCHOOL BOYS and GIRLS, which is the basis for rules of the game of

The GBYLA adopts many of the USA Lacrosse exceptions to NFHS rules, youth game only, as we deem best for our league. USA Lacrosse is committed to constantly reviewing and updating the rules of the game at the youth level to ensure that those goals are always satisfied. USAL writes and publishes a stand-along youth rule book for ages 14U & below, and in collaboration with the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), work together on rules for boys and girls lacrosse. Based on GBYLA Coach input, we also develop our own exceptions to youth rules which pertain to our league only. These GBYLA exceptions are outlined on the 2023 Cheat Sheet.

Required Equipment

Click HERE for complete guide to required equipment.

Additional Requirements
• Mouthguard must be a solid color (required boys & girls). White and/or clear are not
• Mouthguard with designs and/or words are not acceptable (required, boys & girls). Must
be devoid of all markings, pictures, designs, etc.
• Boys must wear an athletic cup (required).
• Cleats must be worn (no steel spikes).
• Chest pads must be compliant with NOCSAE standards (required).
• Goalies must wear all required protective gear included a throat guard.